Amazon Kids comes to Alexa

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Amazon Kids comes to Alexa

The company Amazon has just announced the availability of Amazon Kids on Alexa, a free service available on the Echo family of devices. According to Amazon itself, the objective is to create a safe and adapted environment for children between 3 and 12 years of age, in the home environment. It offers the smallest access to appropriate content , while providing parents with the peace of mind of a kid-friendly, age-appropriate experience, whether it's playing or learning. 

Access makes tools like the Parental Control Panel, time limits, and a filter to block music containing explicit lyrics available to parents and guardians. In addition, it blocks any type of purchase by voice, giving parents full control of these activities. It comes with various Skills, educational and entertainment, as well as such as playlists and educational content. 

In order to access the service, you must create and approve a profile for children through the Alexa App. It is also possible to create a Voice ID and a Visual ID on devices with a screen, and the experience can be activated on one or more Echo devices in the home as well. how to use the child profile on a shared device or dedicate one for the exclusive use of the child. 


Through the Parental Control Panel and the Alexa app, parents can customize their children's use of Alexa, selecting the services and Skills they can use. Allows adults to view their child's activities and, through the Alexa app, view and delete voice recordings.

When a child's profile is created, Alexa recognizes It speaks your voice and automatically delivers tailored responses to little ones through compatible Echo devices. Alexa prevents children from making purchases by voice and gives answers appropriate for their age.

You can set daily time limits, when it's bedtime, for example, to ensure the kids don't talk to Alexa at night, or pause Echo devices for dinner or homework. You do your homework.

An explicit content filter is available that automatically filters songs with explicit lyrics from Amazon Music, Apple Music, or Spotify.

Little ones can ask Alexa questions about science, math, spelling, definitions, or any other topic that sparks their curiosity.

Calls and video calls with approved contacts previously by the parents, among other possibilities

It should also be noted that new Skills are arriving, to interact with Pocoyo with the new Skills. or learn and practice languages ​​with LingoKids, among others.

Coming to Echo and Echo Show devices through a new free software update.