Amazon Prime will (a lot) increase the prices of its subscriptions in France


In order to cushion the increase in its operating costs, the SVoD platform Amazon Prime will increase the price of its monthly and annual formulas.

While movie theaters are still in the grip of a historic economic crisis, the various online streaming platforms are waging a merciless war with a view to garnering ever more subscribers across the globe. Indeed, if the health crisis was able, for a time, to greatly benefit the market, SVoD recently seems to be feeling the backlash. As platforms multiply on both sides of the digital landscape, and as global inflation gradually pushes subscribers to offload their superfluous expenses, the various streaming services subsequently suffer a loss of growth unequivocally.

The market is therefore observing an unprecedented mutationwhich the platforms try as best they can to curb through various strategies. Thus, in order to compensate for a significant loss of subscribers (which also continues to progress, the streaming giant having lost one million subscribers in the second quarter of 2022) the co-director of Netflix confirmed, for example, the arrival of advertisements on the platform.

Disney+ is also said to be keen on offering cheaper subscriptions through a similar offer to Netflix, while HBO Max has instead chosen to delay its international development (and may in fact be on the verge of… 'ditch Europe). And now it's the turn of the Prime subscription, offered by Amazon since 2016, to make some changes.

Indeed, French subscribers to the streaming service had the unpleasant surprise of receiving this Tuesday, July 26 a press release from the American firm announcing an increase in the prices offered by the platform. Thus, as of September 15, 2022,the monthly option will increase from €5.99 to €6.99 per month (i.e., +17%) while the annual option will increase from €49 to €69.90 € per year (i.e., +42%). And since the blow was not painful enough, this increase will also concern student formulas, which will go from €3.49 per month instead of €2.99, and from €34.95 per year instead of €24.

According to the famous press release, this increase is linked to “the increase in the cost of operation of Prime in France“. And it is true that the platform has been able to invest: whether it is the original programs offered by Prime Video such as The Boys, or the highly anticipated series The Rings of Power strong>(which benefits from a historic budget), the visual overhaul of its interface, or the live broadcast of sporting events such as the Roland-Garros tournament, the streaming service has been able to diversify its catalog over the years without this impacting the rates offered to subscribers. Well, until then.

If this increase goes, not to doubt, make Prime Video consumers cringe, it is a question of having in mind that it is unfortunately part of current market events: in fact, the prices of subscriptions offered by other competing platforms such as Netflix or Disney+ are also readjusted from time to time; the big-eared platform has thus revised its prices in order to accommodate the arrival of its Star section in early 2021. We therefore imagine that all that remains is to wait for a similar press release from Apple TV+, even if, given the price of the Barilla package, we do without it.


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