Amber Heard against Johnny Depp: the actor reacts cash to the shock interview of his ex-wife

Amber Heard versus Johnny Depp: the actor reacts cash to the shock interview of his ex -woman

In an interview, Amber Heard confided to maintain until the end of her life the accusations against her ex-husband. Johnny Depp reacts and it's cash.

A few years ago, the Aquaman actress claimed to be a victim of domestic violence. Since this story, Johnny Depp's career has plummeted. He was notably stripped of his roles in Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts. The ex of Vanessa Paradis then decided to file a complaint for defamation. The trial began in April and lasted for weeks. It was filmed and streamed live on YouTube. Many relatives of the former couple have intervened to share their testimonies on the tumultuous relationship between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

A few days ago, the verdict finally fell. The pretty blonde was found guilty. She owes her ex-husband $15 million. Since then, the actress continues to be harassed in the street and on social networks by fans of Johnny Depp. Despite her defeat in this trial, Amber Heard remains on her positions. This Friday, June 17, an interview with the interpreter of Mera in Aquaman will be broadcast on NBC. In a recent excerpt, the actress could be seen declaring that she would maintain the charges against her ex-husband until his death. The actor reacts to this shocking interview.

Johnny Depp wants to turn the page on this story

Excerpt from the interview with Amber Heard sparked a lot of reactions on social media. Johnny Depp notably accused his ex-wife of giving another version of the trial which this time would go in his direction. The actor's lawyers commented on this: “We find it unfortunate when Johnny tries to move on in his life that the accused and his team are still rehearsing, reinventing facts that have already been decided by the court and a verdict that is in favor of Johnny”. The actress’s interview will be available in a few hours. Will Amber Heard continue to accuse Johnny Depp in the media? Could the actor sue him again for defamation? The case doesn’t seem quite over.

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