Amber Heard is appealing the court decision in favor of Johnny Depp. The actress has filed an appeal


    Amber Heard is appealing the ruling in favor of Johnny Depp. The actress has officially filed an appeal

    Amber Heard

    Amber Heard has officially filed an appeal: she intends to challenge the verdict handed down by the court in a libel case. According to him, the actress was found guilty of defaming her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Recall that the actor sued because of the 2018 article, where Amber called herself a victim of domestic violence and indirectly accused her ex-husband of bullying.

    Earlier, Hurd was denied a review of the verdict. Her lawyers demanded that the results be annulled and a new trial ordered, citing numerous violations. The court did not see significant violations.

    On appeal, Amber's legal team once again disagrees with the jury's decision. Lawyers for the actress issued a statement yesterday:

    We believe that the court made mistakes that prevented a fair and just verdict under the First Amendment. Therefore, we are appealing the verdict. We understand that our actions will set fires on Twitter*, but there are steps we must take to ensure that justice prevails.

    The actor's lawyers, meanwhile, are confident that the verdict will remain unchanged:

    The jury reached a clear and unanimous decision that the defendant repeatedly defamed Mr. Depp

    — says the representative of the star.

    Heard's lawyers announced their intention to appeal back in June, when the verdict was pronounced.

    The trial between Amber and Johnny lasted several weeks. The jury found Heard guilty of defamation, finding that she acted with malicious intent. She was ordered to pay compensation of 15 million dollars.

    The blogger tangomania shared the first news.

    *Blocked in Russia


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