Amber Heard ruined? Actress accused of lying about her financial situation

Amber Heard ruined? Actress accused of lying about her financial situation

Amber Heard would be broke since she was lost his case against Johnny Depp. His detractors, however, accuse him of lying about his financial situation.

Since their divorce pronounced in 2016, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been at war. It all started when the Aquaman actress implied in a famous magazine that she had been the victim of domestic violence. The interpreter of Jack Sparrow had then filed a complaint against her for defamation. For several weeks, the ex-couple found themselves in court. Their trial was highly publicized. So it was Amber Heard who lost this battle. The young woman must pay more than eight million dollars to her ex-husband.

So far, the actress has not accepted the decision of the jurors. In a recent interview, Amber Heard said she would keep her accusations against Johnny Depp until the end of her life. Several sources also said that the pretty blonde would be in great financial difficultybecause of his trial. Amber Heard would not be able to pay her lawyers and the damages she must pay to her ex-husband. Images of the star doing her shopping have just supported these rumors.

Amber Heard is shopping in a discount store

The actress recently appeared in jeans and white t-shirt shopping at the TJ Maxx department store in Bridgehampton. This sign is a cheap store. Celebrities don’t usually frequent this type of place. Amber Heard is nevertheless known to have a large wardrobe of luxury clothes. It has often been displayed in very famous brands. These images therefore suggest that the young woman is completely ruined. For her detractors, it would be a communication strategy to make believe that she would have lost everything because of the last trial. In addition, the magazine that shared these images of the star shopping would have often tried to discredit Johnny Depp during this legal case. It is therefore still difficult to discern the true from the false in this story.

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