Amel Bent totally overwhelmed: the singer confides in her son

Amel Bent totally overwhelmed: the singer confides in her son

Amel Bent became a mother for the third time on April 4, 2022. Pure happiness which is not always easy to manage.

It’s with undisguised emotion that Amel Bent announced on social media the birth of her third child, a baby boy, on April 4: “Happy and moved to announce the birth of my little prince. Fit and healthy thank God. Thank you for all your messages of love and kindness throughout this pregnancy that I have shared with you. Now, a little rest and lots of hugs before we meet again. Love. If the 36-year-old singer is now totally satisfied, her role as a young mother does not fail to exhaust her.

Because indeed, going from two to three children is turned out to be a real challenge for Amel Bent. Taking to her Instagram account this Thursday, June 9, the pretty brunette said that the first moments with her son were not easy to manage: The first month was a bit annoying! I had forgotten how babies cried a lot. I had trouble concentrating, I had special moments, especially in the morning,” she says before continuing:I had little rushes where I found myself combing my daughter's hair with one hand, bottle-feeding my son with the other…

Amel Bent gives news of her children

More than two months after the birth of her little prince, Amel has definitely made her mark and no longer seems to be as overwhelmed as at the beginning: “< em>That's it! Thank God, he's starting to sleep through the night so everything is fine! (…) Thank you for asking for my children, it touches me seriously. The three are doing very very well! The singer can count on the precious support of her fans who have always been very present, even when the father of her three children was recently imprisoned in Nanterre prison.

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