American group Gogol Bordello shot a video with the symbols of Ukraine


The American band Gogol Bordello made a video with the symbols of Ukraine

Musicians from the beginning Russia's wars against Ukraine raise funds for medical care for the affected Ukrainians.

The American punk-rock band Gogol Bordello presented a video for the song Focus Coin, in which a blue-and-yellow banner is depicted in support of Ukraine. The musicians posted the video on their YouTube channel.

In particular, in the animated video you can see a ship sailing in bad weather with a yellow-blue heart on board. At the end of the video, the weather calms down, and the sky becomes the color of the Ukrainian flag.

“Publishing any kind of art that does not relate to the situation in Ukraine now would be quite mean,” said the band's frontman Evgeniy Hudz.


It was previously reported that Gogol Bordello recorded a collaborative song Teroborona with The Cossacks.


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