Americans believe Ukrainians behind Russian assassination | War in Ukraine

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Americans believe Ukrainians behind Russian assassination | War in Ukraine

US officials claim they were unaware of the plot to assassinate Daria Douguina.

Daria Duguina died in the explosion of her car near Moscow in August.

The New York Times reports that US intelligence agencies believe parts of the Ukrainian government were behind the attack that killed Daria Dugina in August.

The daughter of Russian nationalist ideologue and supporter of the war in Ukraine Alexander Dougin was killed in a car bomb attack near Moscow.

The New York daily's sources, who remained anonymous, said the United States was not involved in the operation and provided no intelligence or assistance.

They also insisted that they were not aware of this operation and that they would have opposed it if they had been informed.

The New York Times claims that US officials reprimanded Ukrainian officials for the assassination.

Immediately after the attack, the Ukrainian government denied any involvement in it.

Washington fears, according to the New York Times, that attacks like this will push Russia to assassinate Ukrainian officials.

In addition, the newspaper reports that the Americans are frustrated by the lack of transparency of the Ukrainian government on its military plans, in particular on Russian territory.

US officials also lack a full picture of the centers of power within Ukraine's government apparatus, including the military, security services and President Volodymyr Zelensky's office. This could explain why some parts of the Ukrainian government were unaware of the plot.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian military official told the newspaper that Ukrainian forces had carried out assassinations against Ukrainian collaborators and Russian officials in occupied Ukrainian territories.

Russia has opened an investigation into the killing, calling it a terrorist act.

The day after the assassination, the Russian internal security services blamed it on the Ukrainian secret service. They had released a photo of a Ukrainian woman who allegedly arrived in Russia in July. The woman reportedly left the country after the attack.

With information from New York Times

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