AMLO keeps his promise and writes “Long live Zapata!” on your recall ballot


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador would have already announced that he would write the name of the revolutionary hero.

AMLO keeps his promise and writes “¡ Long live Zapata!” on his revocation ticket

AMLO keeps his promise and writes “Long live Zapata!” on his mandate revocation ticketCredits: Special Written in ACTUALIDAD on 4/10/2022 · 12:36 PM Share this article

Once again, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), gave much to talk about, this after announcing that he would write the legend “Viva Zapata !” on his ballot for the consultation of the revocation of mandate , because he wanted to pay homage to the revolutionary hero in the framework of his death anniversary.

Said action was mentioned last Tuesday while carrying out his traditional “morning” at the National Palace and, although many believed that the president would not waste his vote, it was so, because this Sunday, April 10, the AMLO He showed his ticket to all the media with the phrase that commemorates the 105 years that Emiliano Zapata ceased to exist after being assassinated.

Immediately, many citizens began to criticize President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for his actions in the consultation that is currently taking place, since, for some, the Tabascan is not taking things seriously and only mocks all laws that rule the country. On the other hand, several supporters of the official also raised their voices and supported the gesture he made in remembering the revolutionary hero, since they believe that, like him, the president is fighting for all Mexicans to have a free Mexico.

“It cost us 3,000 million pesos for López Obrador to write Viva Zapata!” on a piece of paper, @Brinquitos wrote on Twitter.

“He annulled his vote by writing “Viva Zapata”. Not even he takes his revocation charade seriously…” @Fabian_G13 wrote on Twitter.

AMLO keeps his promise and writes “¡Viva Zapata! ” on your recall ballot

What is recall?

The revocation of mandate is a query made by citizens to rate the performance of the president in office since the loss of confidence. With him, it is expected that the citizens themselves support or not the president in turn so that he continues to lead the country and conclude the remaining years of his six-year term or leave the presidency immediately.

AMLO keeps his promise and writes “¡Viva Zapata!” on his revocation ticket


In case you want to participate in this political exercise, all you need is to have your current voting card and not be suspended from your political rights. Once you have fulfilled all these points, you must look for your corresponding box to be able to cast your vote voluntarily.


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