Ammunition depot of arms baron Yemelyan Gebrev exploded in Bulgaria


В The ammunition depot of the weapons baron Emelyan Gebrev exploded in Bulgaria

The businessman reports that the probability of spontaneous combustion was “negligible”, so he does not exclude sabotage. In 2015, the Russian special services tried twice to poison Gebrev with a substance from the Novichok group.

In the Bulgarian city of Karnobat, an explosion occurred at the arms depot of the well-known businessman Emelyan Gebrev, the owner of the Emco company. The businessman himself reports that the probability of spontaneous combustion was “negligible”, so he does not rule out sabotage. BNR writes about this.

The explosion occurred today, at about four o'clock in the morning. The warehouses are located on the territory of the former military units on the outskirts of the city, so that the civilian population was not injured, as were the workers.

Material damage was also insignificant, since ammunition that was not claimed by customers was stored in the exploded warehouse.

The alarm about a fire in the “Choban Dere” area was raised by the guards of the storage base at about 03.30 am on Sunday. A fire engine with two firefighters arrived at the scene of the accident. They were met by two guards from a private munitions depot located in the area, who said that a fire had started there, so they retreated to safety.

“Only when access to the base is allowed will it be found out what caused fire,” said Slavcho Dimiev, a representative of the EMCO company. After the detonation of ammunition began, the explosions ended at five in the morning.

“These are artillery ammunition that are in service with our army and are the remnants that the exporting companies ordered, but were not taken away,” Dimiev said.

The UAV has already circled the area of ​​the explosions and the warehouse owners have received data. They believe that the fire started as a result of deliberate actions.

“This is a protected area. Guards are armed, access is limited,” said Slavcho Dimiev.

Emco owner Emelyan Gebrev said that the likelihood spontaneous combustion is negligible.

“I am firmly convinced that spontaneous combustion could not happen,” said the businessman. Now the area is still cordoned off, checks and investigations have begun.

But, according to the businessman, an alarm about violators went off in the warehouse area in the morning.

A year earlier, it was Gebrev’s weapons and ammunition that were blown up in warehouses in Czech Vrbetica. Then the Czech Republic announced the expulsion of all Russian diplomats who were identified as members of the Russian special services. The reason was the suspicion of the involvement of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation in the explosions.


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