Amnesty International reacted to criticism of their report on the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Amnesty International responded to criticism of their UAF report

Secretary General organization Agnes Kallamar believes that public dissatisfaction with statements in their material about the Armed Forces of Ukraine is allegedly an “attack by Ukrainian trolls.”

Public criticism of the Amnesty International report, which accused the Armed Forces of Ukraine of “placing positions in schools and hospitals”, is allegedly an “attack by Ukrainian trolls.” This was stated by Amnesty International Secretary General Agnes (Agnes) Kallamar Twitter on Thursday, August 4.

“Ukrainian and Russian mobs (slang for a group of people – ed.) and trolls (slang for an Internet provocateur – ed.): they are all attacking the Amnesty International investigation today. This is called war propaganda, disinformation. This will not weaken our impartiality and will not change the facts,” she claims.

The organization's material spoke of the “deployment of firing positions” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly directly near residential areas.

The human rights activists themselves referred in their report to unnamed residents of the Donetsk, Nikolaev and Kharkiv regions, who allegedly suffered from Russian strikes as a result of the proximity of the Ukrainian military.

Note that the authors of the material call the war a “conflict”. At the same time, it indirectly mentions Russian attacks.

Amnesty International human rights activists advised the military to “deploy in the fields” and not near civilian houses to repel enemy attacks.

As a reminder, Amnesty International published a report stating that the Armed Forces allegedly violate the laws of war by “endangering the lives of the population by placing military equipment and weapons in schools and hospitals.”

< p> The Office of the President responded to the accusations of the organization by saying that only the Russian Federation threatens the lives of Ukrainians, and Amnesty International's statements are “participation in Russia's discrediting campaign against Ukraine.”

In turn, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that Amnesty International “creates a false balance between victim and perpetrator” with its material.

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