Amnesty International said more than 200 victims of the protests in Iran, accurate information to learn cannot due to the shutdown of the Internet (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Amnesty International заявила о более чем 200 жертвах акций протеста в Иране, точную информацию узнать не удается из-за отключения интернета (ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

Not less than 208 people of Iran have died since the beginning of protests in mid-November, found the human rights organization Amnesty International. Publicize these cases were not obtained because after the first victims of the authorities disconnected the Internet throughout the country.

“We shut down the Internet for the benefit of the Iranian people”, – said the Minister of internal Affairs of Iran abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli, quoted by the BBC Russian service. Social network Instagram and Telegram Messager in the country have been banned since the protests 2017-2018. This was done in order to prevent protesters to communicate and disagree among themselves.

“Some people use VPN to bypass the restrictions of the government and to have the opportunity to share information, to which authorities will have access. But it is becoming increasingly difficult,” – says the expert.

The head of the Organization for information technology – Iranian government, controlling the Internet space, recently asked state organizations and private companies in the country lists of foreign websites which they consider authoritative. Some experts believe that Tehran is planning to introduce “white lists” of allowed sites, and for users in Iran will only be available to them. Other Iranian media are completely controlled by the government and submit information as the authorities consider it necessary.

According to experts, blocking of the Internet not only made it impossible for the search of information in the field, but also complicated the validation and relevance of messages: some pictures and videos found by the experts, in fact, was made at least two years ago.

The reason for the protests was the increase from November 15 to fuel prices: published that day on the street no less than 50 cities citizens burned gas stations, as it was in Sirjan and turned the machine intelligence. Soon the stock began to sound anti-government slogans, as protesters demanded to stop financing conflict in the Gaza strip, Syria and Lebanon.

The first hundred victims, according to estimates by Amnesty, appeared during 4 days of protests, the most people, several dozen, were killed in the city of Shahriar around Tehran. During acceleration, the law enforcement agencies broke the Windows of cars, which protesters blocked the roads, used comodity, tear gas and firearms to disperse. Next were seen, and the snipers, noted human rights activists.

Relatives of victims told Amnesty International that they are under threats require not to speak to media and not to hold funeral ceremonies. Some families have to pay “extortionate amount” to get the bodies, add defenders.

Iran state television acknowledged the fact that during the dispersal of anti-government riots were indeed killed. As informs “Interfax” referring to Agency Associated Press, in reporting the protesters were called “armed rebels”.

Due to the shutdown of the Internet, access to which is still not fully recovered, it is unknown whether the ongoing protests. It is also unknown whether the same situation across the country.

The capital, according to eyewitnesses, looks “eerily quiet”, as if the protests have no. However, what will happen next – is unknown. According to one of the residents, the situation in the capital reigns tense: “it’s Like before the war.”

According to statements by Iranian officials and a number of authorities controlled the media, the protests are governed by external forces. Most guilty of incitement are called “monarchists” and “foreign agents” – the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and the organization of “people’s Mujahideen of Iran,” which promotes Islamic and Marxist ideology.

In an address to the people of Iran Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has asked law enforcement agencies “to neutralize this dangerous conspiracy” against Iran. The country’s intelligence agencies reported that during the protests was arrested “eight agents associated with the CIA.” According to the head of the counterintelligence Department Ashtari Ali, “was arrested a number of elements who were trying to gather information about the recent protests and send it to foreigners”.

Official data on how many people were arrested, injured or killed during the recent protests, yet. After the country’s President Hassan Rouhani has announced that the enemy’s conspiracy was defeated, one of the members of Parliament said that during the protests was arrested 7 thousand people. What is happening now with those who are in prison, are unknown: it is reported that those who participated in the vandalism and accused of aiding the foreigners and enemies of the state, waiting for a more severe sentence.

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