Amos invites the candidates to the elections to get wet on its priority files | Elections Quebec 2022

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Amos invites election candidates to get wet on its priority issues | Élections Quebec 2022

The Resolute factory in Amos has been closed since April 2020.

The City of Amos is taking advantage of the campaign in full swing to make its demands for the provincial elections of October 3.

The City Council invites the candidates of each of the parties in the electoral district of Abitibi-Ouest to get involved in the five files that it considers to be priorities and for which the City, as a local government, needs the support of Quebec.

The conversion of the Resolute newsprint mill is part of the economic revival of the pioneering city of Abitibi.

It's a huge priority. There is also all the health care, via the emergency room and the operating room. We expect a firm commitment in the medium term, that is to say an achievement within 5 years, says Mayor S├ębastien D'Astous, who fears an exodus of surgeries to hospitals in major centers if nothing is done quickly.

The emergency room expansion project aims to fill some gaps, such as the lack of space and stretchers.

The elected representatives of Amos are also calling for support for a project to build a new 750 square meter gymnasium at the Amos secondary school and emergency aid for the repair of the Rotary promenade on the west bank which threatens to sink into the Harricana River.

Part of the Rotary Parkway, on the west bank of the Harricana , is no longer accessible due to its advanced state of degradation.

It is a matter of public safety, but at the same time, environmental safety for the Harricana River. No matter how much we knock on the doors of all the ministries, we say that there are no programs for that. We need urgent help to solve this problem. We are talking about a project that costs $2.8 million, argues Mayor D'Astous.

The municipal council of Amos also considers it important to already work on adding 80 new places in CPE to the 80 places already announced this spring and on the development of 4-year-old kindergarten classes on the territory of Amos.

< p class="e-p">We want to make sure that there is a solution so that we can accommodate 4-year-old kindergartens in the urban sector. Currently, in the MRC Abitibi, we only find them in rural areas, but not yet in Amos. We know that the Harricana School Service Center is going to submit projects. It is important that this succeeds, precisely to unclog the CPE system, believes S├ębastien D'Astous.

The debt of the City of Amos increased by 17% in 2021 to reach $50.8 million .

The drinking water reservoir repair project could also require support from the Government of Quebec through existing programs. This situation has forced the City to chlorinate the water in its aqueduct network for two years.

This is a priority for the City of Amos, but it is a project that is extremely expensive. We must also look at our budgetary constraints. We will certainly need the help of the government in this file, concludes Mr. D'Astous.

The City of Amos recalls that it also urgently needs social or affordable housing on its territory and that the labor shortage is an obstacle to its economic development.

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