Amy Winehouse: the biopic on the singer may have found a (perfect) actress


Singer Amy Winehouse is getting her own biopic, and director Sam Taylor-Johnson might just have found the rare pearl to embody the icon.

If many biopics have flourished for several years and especially since the success of Bohemian Rhapsody, which raised more than 910 million dollars in the world in 2018, the biopic still has a bright future ahead of it. While films on Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley or even Madonna, who explained why she wanted to direct her film herself, are in preparation, a feature film centered on another major music artist is already well underway.

The English director Sam Taylor-Johnson will therefore tackle a task that we imagine complicated: telling the tragic destiny of English singerwith the golden voice, Amy Winehouse, who died 10 years ago. Before joining the infamous club of 27 (along with Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and other icons who all died at 27), the singer and her hoarse voice signed interplanetary hits< /strong> like Rehab, Valerie and especially Back to Black, the name Sam Taylor-Johnson chose for his biopic.

If it is obvious that choosing the right person to embody a personality as famous as Amy Winehouse is not an easy task, the director could well have found a small nugget. Contrary to rumors, it is not Lady Gaga who will interpret the singer, despite an obvious physical resemblance and a similar grain of voice, but possibly British actress Marisa Abela .

Series Star Industry, Marisa Abela is not yet very well known to the general public and it is precisely this point which, according to Variety magazine, would have tipped the scales in her favor. Incidentally, the 25-year-old actress also joined the cast of the filmBarbieby Greta Gerwig alongside Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. If for the moment Marisa Abela has not had the opportunity to push the song on the screen, we hope that her tone of voice will match that of the star she interprets.

If at the moment we don't know more about the rest of the cast and on the direction that the film will take, we already know that Matt Greenhalgh, the screenwriter of Control (biopic about Ian Curtis, the singer of Joy Division), will support Sam Taylor-Johnson in the writing. It should also be noted that they have already collaborated on Nowhere Boy, an unjustly forgotten film, and directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, in which Aaron Taylor-Johnson (husband of the director) played John Lennon and Kristin Scott Thomas played the musician's aunt.

With the director and the singer being friends before the latter's disappearance, we hope Sam Taylor -Johnson will deliver a faithful and sincere portrait of the singer who left far too soon. For the moment, no release date has been announced.


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