An alligator visited the policemen's garage and sang a “serenade”


July 28, 2022, 13:05 | Animals

The animal was safely delivered to the natural environment.

An alligator came to the police garage and sang a "serenade"

Policemen from Pinellas County (Florida, USA) found out that interesting events can happen to them not only on duty, but also after the end of the work shift, Ukr.Media informs.


The police officers were heading to their cars to go home when they found an unexpected guest in the garage – a small alligator. Or rather, guest, because the alligator turned out to be a female. The police took a picture of their new acquaintance, calling her a “scaly girl”, and added that they heard a serenade from the visitor. True, much more like a croak and a wheeze than a real song.

But since the alligator still didn't have a place in the garage, he wasn't allowed to stay there for long. The policemen said that they transported the “scaly girl” to nature, where she will be much more comfortable.


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