An American Ode: Ron Howard's Netflix Drama Receives Very Mixed Reviews

An American Ode: Ron Howard's Netflix Drama Receives Very Mixed Reviews


An American ode has rather disappointed the critics who reproach it with a superficial treatment of its subject, despite Amy Adams and Glenn Close.

Adapted from the book Hillbilly Elegy , autobiography of its author JD Vance and bestseller, An American Ode is directed by Ron Howard ( An Exceptional Man , Apollo 13 ) and follows the return to his family of a young man studying in a large university (Gabriel Basso, seen in Super 8 ). His drugged mother (Amy Adams) has indeed just overdosed and a place in detoxification must be found urgently.

With a grandmother who keeps an eye on this socially cursed family played by Glenn Close ( Dangerous Liaisons ), and music by Hans Zimmer (Oscar winner for The Lion King ), this drama takes place on the side of the “Rust Belt” , a set of American cities marked by unemployment with no hope left. A strong subject, that critics find, overall, well carried by the actresses, less well by the film . Newspaper.

Fortunately, the Great Actress is here

[Ron Howard,] the well-nourished child of the American dream has turned for his 26th feature film […] into an empathetic, but pathetic observer of unemployed little whites. ” The world

Amy Adams [is] wonderful as a toxic mother […] lost and abusive. ” The Parisian

The director […] focuses above all on the psychology of the characters, on the links that unite these three generations […]. But Ron Howard only evokes the social dimension that [JD Vance] depicted in his memoir. »CNews

Not easy to find a cure for social evil

The only interesting subject, precisely that of social uprooting, Ron Howard does not deal with […]. Fortunately [he] can count on the talent of Glenn Close – but also of the too rare Amy Adams […] – to save this American Ode from total disinterest and to break a little its conventional prettiness. »The Free

For some, even the interpreters do not play:

Everything rings false. […] If the radical poverty of the 2020 offer leaves the possibility [to] Glenn Close and Amy Adams […] to wow the Academy [of the Oscars] with their abominable hairpieces of poor people and accents of rednecks, he it is all the same probable that the glaring mediocrity of the whole works against them. »Les Inrockuptibles

On the way to the Oscars, despite everything

With its very American-centric story, An American ode therefore has the potential to garner Oscar nominations in 2021, but perhaps not to earn them, unless some voters want to draw attention to the forgotten American Dreams. It is in any case to be seen on Netflix since November 24, 2020.

He actually launches the Oscars season on the platform before the arrival of Mank on December 4, The Prom on December 11, Ma Rainey's Le Blues on December 18, Midnight in the universe on December 23 or even the highly anticipated Pieces of a Woman on January 7, 2021.

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