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An American-style The Crown: Netflix is ​​preparing a separate release laugh about Kennedy

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The eventful life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy is perfect for film adaptations. Oliver Stone understood this well by offering an excellent biopic on the American president. Netflix has also spotted a good opportunity, and is currently preparing a mini-series on the Democratic leader.

Netflix wants an American-style The Crown

According to Variety , who was able to confirm this information from well-placed sources, it would be an adaptation of a biography released in 2020: “JFK: Coming Of Age In The American Century, 1917 -1956” by Fredrik Logevall.

The streaming platform wants to create a sort of American-style The Crown. Clearly, it would be a question of following the history of the Kennedy family through time with different actors to embody these characters over the ages.

This choice clearly makes sense, insofar as < em>The Crownwill soon end at the end of the sixth season. Remarkable, this production won over the public and critics throughout its broadcast. Therefore, we can understand that the service is looking for a replacement in its catalog.

To carry out this initiative, Netflix is ​​calling on a very big name in Hollywood: Eric Roth. You may not know him, but you've probably heard of the films where he distinguished himself as a screenwriter: Munich, Dune, Ali, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button em>, or even the latest Martin Scorsese: Killers of the Flower Moon. For his work, the author also won an Oscar in 1995 thanks to Forrest Gump.

He is not alone in working on this project, since Peter Chernin and Jenno Topping of Chernin Entertainment are also in charge of production. This company is also not very well known, but we owe it Chief of War, the Apple TV+ series which stars Jason Momoa.

We will have understood that , Netflix does not intend to skimp on resources for this series, and a showrunner is also being sought to expand this team. In the meantime, and if you want to watch a biopic series, we invite you to reread our article which lists the best original creations in this category.

What to remember:

  • Netflix is ​​preparing a new biopic series dedicated to JFK
  • It should take the form of The Crown, and follow this family over time
  • The platform streaming has recruited a talented author for this project

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