An analogue of TikTok and a new social network for musicians will appear in Russia


    An analogue of TikTok and a new social network for musicians will appear in Russia

    Two new social networks will appear in Russia — for bloggers and musicians. This is reported by Vedomosti with reference to Sberintertainment, a subsidiary of Sberbank, which develops projects.

    One of the social networks was called Chipz and is positioned as the Russian analogue of TikTok. On the project website, the new social network has the following description:

    Chipz — short video competition. Be the first, be the best.

    Chipz is expected to launch this September and will target users aged 13 to 21. On the platform, you can find templates (chips) and a library with music and clips, and in the future, the developers plan to add the ability to create your own chips and mini-games. In addition, Chipz may receive a fund to financially support creators.

    The second social network, Punch, — for musicians who create music and are looking for ways to promote their projects. On the site, users can find ready-made beats and audio effects, as well as a neural network that will help with the lyrics: it will be possible to generate songs based on a few words. The release of “Punch” is expected at the end of July.

    According to the source of Vedomosti, closed beta testing of applications is currently underway.

    Recall that after the start of the military special operation in Ukraine, many foreign social networks, including TikTok, have introduced restrictions for users from Russia. Also last week, information appeared that TikTok would be unblocked in Russia this fall.


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