An ardent patriot of Russia moved to Europe and received German citizenship

Ярый патриот России переехал в Европу и получил немецкое гражданство

Ex-Deputy of Russian state Duma and former Commissioner of the youth movement “Nashi” Robert Shlegel, in the spring of 2019 received German citizenship.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung writes that he is a senior employee of the company “Acronis” in Munich. The company produces software in the field of cybersecurity.

Thus, according to the rossm, in the state Duma a member of fraction “United Russia” showed itself as a supporter of the Internet censorship and included in the management personnel pool under the patronage of the President.

According to Schlegel, his views “changed dramatically” and now he is “a very ordinary man with extraordinary life experience”.

“I want my children to grow up in Germany as part of the culture and people to which they belong“—quoted the former Russian Deputy German edition.

“FACTS” repeatedly wrote that the Russian top officials and politicians send their children to the West and get a job in the institutions of Europe and the USA. In particular, the daughter of the press Secretary Vladimir Putin, Peskov, Lisa interned at the European Parliament. And the German Deutsche Bank was forced to pay more than $ 16 million fine to settle charges of corruption relating to the employment of relatives of the Russian elite.

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