An armored personnel carrier rammed a private house near Belgorod


An APC rammed a private house near Belgorod

armored personnel carrier and made an accident. The building is partially destroyed.

In the Russian village of Urazovo, Valuysky district, Belgorod region, the military of the Russian Armed Forces lost control of an armored personnel carrier and rammed a residential building. This was reported on the night of Friday, August 5, by the Baza Telegram channel.

It is noted that as a result of an accident, a wall collapsed near the building, after which part of the roof collapsed.

At this time, in there was a woman in the house, but she, as indicated, was not injured.

As reported, earlier in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region there was an accident involving the Russian MLRS Grad and Volkswagen – eight people were injured.


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