An Ecuadorian mountaineer who climbed Huascarán in Peru dies

  • The athlete was climbing the snowy peak, the highest in the Andean country, when he fell into a crack

dies-an Ecuadorian mountaineer who climbed Huascarán in Peru

A mountaineer of Ecuadorian nationality died after falling into a crackwhen he climbed the snowy Huascarán, the highest in Peru; with 6,768 meters high, reported This Tuesday in a statement the Association of Mountain Guides of Peru (AGMP). The accident occurred in the early hours of Monday, when the mountaineer was heading to the summit of the snow-capped mountain and rushed into the snow. to a crack at a height of 6,200 meters above sea level.

“Despite the sum of the great rescue efforts, the tourist (…) did not resist the consequences of the fatal accident. We regret the sensitive death,” reads the statement released by the AGMP. As pointed out by According to the Andean Agency, the man was part of a group of four mountaineers and, despite the fact that the rescue brigades evacuated him while he was still alive, he died. during the journey to the nearest hospital due to multiple injuries.

The Huascrán snow-capped mountain is located in the central region of Áncash , whose capital Huaraz is the epicenter of mountain tourism in Peru, with the Cordillera Blanca as its main attraction, allowing the ascent to different snow-capped peaks and routes for high-altitude hiking.

< p>Peru It has the largest system of tropical glaciers, located in the peaks of the Andes and threatened by the climatic crisis, which has reduced its surface area by almost half in the last half century to 1,114 square kilometers.


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