An Egyptian court wants to broadcast the execution of the murderer of a student


An Egyptian court wants to broadcast the execution of the murderer of a student

The Egyptian court that sentenced A man was put to death at the end of June for murdering a student in front of her university, after the young woman rejected her advances, demanded that she be killed. this Sunday that his execution be broadcast live.

This trial, which lasted two days, it was particularly mediatic: first, the video of the knife murder of Nayera Achrafin front of his university was massively shared on the Internet. Then, the trial of his murderer, Mohammed Adel, was recorded, something extremely rare, and later broadcast live by some media outlets.

Furthermore, The case had sparked debate outside of Egypt because a few days after Achraf's murder, a Jordanian student, Imane Erchid, was also shot dead in Amman, probably for the same reasons. The instance of Mansura, 130 km north of Cairo, which issued the death penalty a month after the crime, he asked for the death penalty. this Sunday to the Court of Appeal an exemption to be able to broadcast the execution live. In its request, the court considers that “dissemination, even if only of the beginning of the procedure, could make it possible to dissuade the greatest number.” He also asked for Parliament to amend the law to authorize these broadcasts more frequently.

Egypt is the country that imposes the most death sentences, according to Amnesty International. In 2021, the North African country led carried out the third highest number of executions in the world. But, these sentences are never executed in public or live, with rare exceptions. In 1998, for example, three men who killed a woman and her children during a robbery were executed live on television.


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