An embargo on coal imports from Russia has been launched in the European Union: where will they get fuel


The EU has launched an embargo on coal imports from Russia: where will they get fuel

Kazakhstan helps European countries cope with coal dependence on the Russian Federation – the country has increased supplies by almost 2 times. The European Commission is considering options for coal purchases in Tanzania and Nigeria.

In the European Union on August 1, an embargo on coal imports from Russia came into force. This was announced by the European Commission (EC) following the adoption of the 5th sanctions package.

“The EU imposes a ban on the purchase, import or transfer of coal and other solid fossil fuels that are produced or exported from Russia, from August 2022. EU coal imports currently amount to 8 billion euros per year,” the agency informed.

The package of measures prohibits access to EU ports for vessels registered in Russia.

The EU has launched an embargo on coal imports from Russia: where will they get fuel

The sanctions imposed by the EC concerned individual, trade, transport and energy sanctions. The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, reported on the European Union's ban on coal imports from Russia for 4 billion euros per year.

Russian experts argued that the European Union depends on Russian imports of thermal coal, not coking coal.

Kazakhstan increased coal exports to the EU

From January to May of this year, Kazakhstan supplied 1.5 million tons of coal to the EU, which is almost 2 times more than in 2021. Analysts predict a further increase in coal purchases in Kazakhstan, because it is suitable for European power plants.

A year ago, in April and May, only 60-70 thousand tons of coal were imported from Kazakhstan to Europe, Europe is exploring the possibility of supplies from Tanzania and Nigeria.

Basically, Kazakh coal is delivered to the EU by sea (782 thousand tons). 635 thousand tons were brought by rail, another 90 thousand tons were delivered to Germany by road. This extremely costly delivery method is rarely used: in 2021, only 8.2 thousand tons of coal were delivered to all EU countries by road.

In June, it became known that Kazakhstan blocked 1,700 wagons with Russian coal. This was a response to restrictions imposed by Russia on the shipment of oil in the port of Novorossiysk.


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