An emblematic couple of Secret Story soon to be married, the request melts the Net surfers


Secret Story's iconic couple to be married soon, demand is melting netizens

An iconic couple from season 11 of Secret Story shared some good news on their respective Instagram accounts. Both candidates said yes. With a dream marriage proposal, they melted the canvas.

Secret Story, a cult reality TV show, ended with season 11 in 2017. Flagship program of TF1, many Internet users are asking for its return. Unfortunately, this is not relevant. But since their participation in Secret Story, the candidates have come a long way. This is particularly the case of Charlène and Benoît, a couple for years. They had participated together with the secret of being in a false relationship with Kamila and Noré. The pretty blonde had also come a long way since she had climbed to the final. The duo, despite several arguments during the adventure, are now more united and in love than ever. So much so that the two lovebirds have started their little family.

Charlène and Benoît welcomed their first child in 2020. A little boy named Thyam, who turned two years old on May 22. Since then, the whole family seems very happy on a daily basis. The two candidates have also participated in the show Mamas & Famous. The opportunity for viewers to discover their everyday life and their happiness. But that's not all. Very followed on social networks since their participation in Secret Story, Charlène and Benoîtalso share a lot of things to their followers. Their vacations, their travels, their love and their family… it's all there! What really make Internet users dream. And this Wednesday, June 22, excellent news came to upset the canvas. The couple decided to go through with the wedding.

Charlène and Benoît are getting married!

The two former candidates of Secret Story are getting married. They shared the good news on their Instagram account. We can see Benoît on his knees, asking for the hand of his beautiful. While Charlene appears very moved by the gesture of her darling. All in a heavenly setting, accompanied by their little Thyam. It’s therefore no surprise that the reactions rocketed in the comments. We can read many words of congratulations and admiration from Internet users, but also from fellow reality TV stars. Including: “Congratulations lovers”, “Congratulations this is so moving”. Or Jesta who says:“I want to cry you're so beautiful”. Maddy Burciaga also reacted: “Oh no too cute”. At the editorial office of melty, we wish a lot of happiness to the future bride and groom!