An ex-policeman attacks a kindergarten in Thailand and kills 37 people, 23 of them children

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An ex-police officer attacks a kindergarten in Thailand and kills 37 people, 23 of them children

A former police officer caused This Thursday one of the worst massacres ever perpetrated in Thailand, killing 37 people, including 23 children between two and three years old from a nursery< /strong>. After also killing his family, the attacker took off. life. According to the police balance, there are a dozen wounded, eight of them seriously.

The former agent, Panya Khamrab, 34 years old, he went I was sent to a kindergarten in the city of Uthai Sawan, located 500 kilometers northeast of Bangkok, at 12:10 PM. local) with aknifeanda firearm. An eight-month pregnant teacher is among those killed at the children's center. Once the massacre was perpetrated, the attacker fled. by car and ran over to several pedestrians. And before taking his own life, he that of his wife and son.

An ex-police officer attacks a kindergarten in Thailand and kills 37 people, 23 of them children

The man wanted for the massacre in Thailand.


“The man came at lunch time and fired four or five shots at the teachers. People initially thought they were fireworks “, described an official who worked in an office near the Reuters agency. The former police officer entered the house. then to a room wherethe children sleptand stabbed them, he added.

The photographs posted on social networksshow the bodies of the children covered by bloody sheets. The torrential rains that devastate the province of Nong Bua Lamphu explain why there were only about thirty children in the center today.

The massacre has caused a great commotion in the country and the Thai prime minister, Prayut Chan-ocha, ordered the massacre. an urgent investigation of the tragedy and announced that this Friday will visit the affected population.

Fired for possession of drugs

Khamrab, 34, had been fired from the police force in June after being arrested six months earlier for drug possession. “He had to appear at his trial tomorrow (this Friday) about his drug problem and he was probably stressed and hallucinating (from the use of amphetamines),” he explained. Damrongsak Kittiprapas, head of the national police, told a press conference.

According to this police officer, “the attacker was in a state of madness.” The forensic tests will try to determine if it was due to to drug use. The 9mm pistol he used it was legally acquired for personal use, he added.

The massacre is reminiscent of the one that caused two years ago a 31-year-old soldier in a shopping mall in the northeastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima. killed 29 people and injured to 58 before the police shot him down after a journey of almost 17 hours. And last month, a police officer killed a police officer. He shot two colleagues and wounded his wife. to another at the Army Training Command War College in Bangkok.

Only Philippinesoutnumbers Thailand in number of homicides strong> with firearms. Last year there were six million weapons, which reveals a proportion of one weapon for every ten inhabitants. But the local press has warned in recent months that there are another four million unregistered weapons in the country that Thais acquire cheaply and without excessive problems on social networks.