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An explosion and a fire kill three people in Paris: what happened ?

The explosion and fire in a Paris building caused the death of three people on the night of Sunday April 7. An investigation was carried out into the matter. opened to establish the origin of the tragedy then other detonations would have preceded the explosion. the incident

An explosion followed by a fire. The tragedy occurred in a building in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, at 146 rue de Charonne, on the night of Sunday April 7. The fire broke out in an apartment located on the seventh floor of a building with eight floors, shortly after 8 p.m. . Before the flames devoured the building, an explosion rang out according to testimonies from several local residents to the media.

Despite Following the evacuation of the residents of the building and the occupants of neighboring homes, the tragedy left three people dead. Two people did not respond to the incident. ussi à escaped the flames and were killed. found in an apartment. The third victim, who would be the occupant of the accommodation where the victim lived. has started After the fire, she died while trying to escape through the window. After trying to reach a neighboring apartment via the facade, the man escaped from the window. The fire could have started master's degree and extinguished in the evening thanks to the mobilization of 66 firefighters and 17 engines.

Gas or electricity &agrav; the origin of the drama ?

The origin of the explosion is still unknown. Luc Lebon, the deputy mayor of the 11th arrondissement of Paris, said partly apart the gas trail on the evening of April 7 as reported franceinfo: "It's not town gas because the building doesn't have any. It's perhaps circ ;to be a city canister as some police officers suspect. This is not at all supportive. &agrav; this stage." The president of the co-ownership trustee is of the same opinion as him as he made it known to the Parisien: &quot ;There is no gas in the building which was turned off. renovation two years ago. According to him, the building dating from the 1970s "is perfectly maintained" and cannot have been victim of a gas leak. But law enforcement continues to consider this avenue.

For many residents, gas seems fine. the origin of the drama. "We are all à electricity. The explosion was caused by important with the windows which have broken so I think it's a gas explosion. This is not electricity. which can cause such damage", estimated an occupant of the 1st floor at the Ile-de-France newspaper. But for others, the explosion could be due to a household electrical appliance or electricity : "For me çit can't be gas. The explosion that occurred in the evening was a small boom, like a TV exploding.

Previous explosions evoked

To understand how the explosion could have taken place, a criminal investigation was launched. opened for "destruction by fire or dangerous means" and "manslaughter" and entrusted to investigators from the 2nd judicial police district of the capital. Some gray areas must be clarified by investigators, in particular explosion noises heard several hours before the fire according to the T' Oacute;testimonies from local residents. There were two explosions during the day of April 7 according to a witness heard by the Parisien à which a police source confirmed a first explosion recorded around 1 p.m. The origin of its detonations is however not specified.

The occupants of neighboring buildings were able to return to their homes   from 11:30 p.m. on Sunday evening. As for the inhabitants of the affected building; After the explosion, they "should be able to return to their apartments" indicated Nour Durand-Raucher, Paris advisor delegateé &agrav; security in the 11th arrondissement" at Parisien around 10 p.m. "We will organize, if necessary, an update. the shelter for the occupants of the 7th floor" he added. The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidaldo, addressed: "to the families and loved ones of the victims all [s]his condolences and [held] & assure them of the full support of the municipality; who stands à their sides" in a message transmitted &agrav; l'AFP

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