An explosion at a Kabul high school leaves at least 19 dead

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  • The attack takes place in a neighborhood mostly populated by the Hazara minority, in the west of the Afghan capital

  • According to medical sources told the media local authorities, the final death toll could approach a hundred people

An explosion at a Kabul high school leaves at least 19 dead

At least 19 students have died in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, due to an explosion this Friday morning in a institute strong> where some level exams were held for young students. 

The educational center, which was full when the explosive was detonated, is located in a majority Hazara neighborhood, the Shiite minority from the Central Asian country, which is mostly Sunni. Shiites and Sunnis represent the two great branches of Islam. The Hazaras have been one of the main targets of the Afghan affiliate of the Islamic State (IS) for years. 

“Attacking civilians demonstrates the immoral cruelty and lack of humanity of the enemy”, said this Friday the spokesman of the police in Kabul, Khalid Zadran, a member of the country's Taliban government.

The Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in August 2021, and then went from being a group that carried out attacks against the civilian population to be the ones who must maintain security in the streets and cities. 

His metamorphosishe is Failing: ISIS attacks in the Central Asian country are constant, almost weekly, and range from ambushes on Taliban convoys and checkpoints to suicide attacks against Shiite schools and mosques. These attacks take place especially on Fridays, the holy day in Islam and when there is more influx in religious centers. 

IS, however , has not yet claimed responsibility for this Friday's attack, for which there could be, according to medical sources told local media, near a hundred dead and several dozen wounded, the vast majority of them young underage, both boys and girls.

Dead in the classrooms

“I was at home when I heard a huge explosion, and looking out the window I saw a column of smoke in the school, and the neighbors running there. My friends and I have been able to remove 15 wounded and nine bodiesI was taken from the site of the explosion… There were many more corpses under chairs, under tables, inside the classrooms”, explained a neighbor,Ghulm< /strong>, to local television ToloNews.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan—the name of the Taliban government— calls the attack on the educational center this Friday a crime of great magnitude, condemns it and expresses its deepest sympathy to the families of the victims of this incident. Serious steps will be taken to find and punish the perpetrators of this crime,” said Taliban spokesman Zabiulá Mujahid.

Since the Taliban victory last year, according to the international NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW), IS has killed or killed at least 700 people strong>of the Hazara minority in the country.This figure, with the attack this Friday, has already expired.Despite the good words of the Kabul Executive, the reprisals that the Taliban promise never come. < /p>

“The Taliban authorities have done very little to protect this community from suicide attacks and other crimes against them, or to provide medical help or care. necessary medicine to the victims and their families,” explains HRW in a report published this month.