An image created by an artificial intelligence wins an art competition

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An image created by an artificial intelligence wins an art contest

The work “Space Opera Theater” won first prize in a competition in Colorado.

An American has won a digital painting competition in Colorado thanks to a work created by the artificial intelligence software Midjourney.

Jason Allen, the man in question, published his achievement on Discord, where he explained that he used Midjourney in order to prove his usefulness in a competitive way.

Midjourney is a tool that allows you to generate images from suggestions that a person provides to them through a Discord server specially designed for this purpose. Jason Allen therefore had to imagine the paintings he wanted the application to illustrate, but he never had to use any instrument to create his works himself.

His win in the digital creation category also received a mixed reception from the artistic community, who fear that this episode is only the beginning of the replacement of artists by robots. Jason Allen however indicated that a certain human element was used, especially when he touched up the images produced by Midjourney using Photoshop software and when providing the suggestions to the server.< /p>

According to him, Midjourney is only a work tool like Adobe Illustrator, a software very popular with digital artists. In the long term, he also sees creations using artificial intelligence becoming an art form in itself and a distinct category in competitions like the one he won.

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