An incomprehensible sea creature puzzled the inhabitants of Australia


July 13, 2020, 12:02 a.m. | Animals

An Australian woman found a mysterious sea creature on the shore.

Mysterious sea creature puzzled the inhabitants of Australia

In A local resident of Australia discovered an incomprehensible sea creature on the beach, Ukr.Media informs.

The woman took a picture of it and posted the pictures on social networks.

As noted, the Australian made a discovery on the beach of the city of Hervey- Bay. She saw some animal washed ashore. The woman assumed that it was a stone fish or a warthog, asking the opinions of followers on the social network.

However, no one could accurately answer the woman's question. Some suggested that it was a soft coral, while others called the find ambergris — liquid from the intestines of sperm whales or a part of a whale's body.

Meanwhile, biologist Sandy Degnan told reporters that it could be integuments — colonies of hundreds of tiny ascidians.

"Ascidians belong to the phylum Chordate, the same group of animals as humans. “Of all the animals we call invertebrates, ascidians are our closest relatives,” the specialist noted.


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