An inventive driver made the Internet laugh with a home-made anti-theft device


May 25, 2022, 22:09 | Car

The man decided to save money on the alarm system.

Inventive driver made the Internet laugh with a homemade anti-theft device< /p>

A few days ago, a young man from the USA published unusual footage on YouTube, which caused a heated discussion, informs Ukr.Media.

The guy left the store and was heading to his vehicle when he noticed in the parking lot interesting car. The inconspicuous means of transportation did not particularly stand out against the background of other cars, if we do not take into account one detail – "ideal" against kidnapping.

The owner of the vehicle apparently decided to save on alarm system, and used an ordinary circuit to replace it. He fastened such a self-made anti-theft device to the wheel and the handle of the driver's door, and then went about his business. The unusual car protection system surprised and made YouTube laugh, and the video was watched a huge number of times in a short time.


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