An Israeli attack on the Damascus airport leaves at least four dead

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Israeli attack on Damascus airport leaves at least four dead

The Damascus international airport has resumed Its operations after being temporarily out of service this Monday due to Israeli attacks that left four dead, including two Syrian soldiers, as reported by the the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH). This is the second time in seven months that the Damascus airport, where activities of armed groups supported by Iran and Hezbollah fighters have been reported, have been reported. Lebanese, is out of service due to Israeli bombing.

“Four fighters, including two Syrian soldiers, were killed” in the Israeli attack, Israel said. Rami Abdul Rahman, director of the OSDH, a UK-based organization that has a network of informers inside Syria, told AFP. The body did not specify the nationality of the other two deceased.

The official Syrian news agency SANA reported the deaths. According to military sources, around 2:00 a.m. (23:00 GMT) two Syrian soldiers were killed in the attack. “The Israeli enemy carried out an air assaultThe attack caused “the death of two soldiers and two wounded,” a military source said, “and caused missiles to hit the Damascus International Airport and its surroundings,” also causing material damage.

Resumption of activity

In a statement issued a few hours after these attacks, the Syrian Ministry of Transport announced the resumption of airport activityand flights from 09:00 (06:00 GMT). Suleyman Jalil, a senior official in the ministry, indicated that the He told AFP that the service was re-established. He was on one of the bombed runways, while the other was in the process of being repaired. After these night attacks, “several flights bound for the Damascus airport were redirected to the Latakia airport,” he said.

According to the director of the OSDH, the attack israeli hit “Hezbollah and pro-Iranian groups positions inside the airport, including an arms depot.” Since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes on the neighboring country against government troops, as well as military personnel. as their Iranian-backed allies and fighters from the Lebanese Shiite group Hizbollah. Israel rarely speaks out on its attacks in Syria, but has said it will not allow any such attacks. This will allow Iran to strengthen its influence in that country.