An SUV suddenly goes up in smoke in front of the dealership where it was purchased

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SUV suddenly goes up in smoke outside the dealership where it was purchased

The vehicle suddenly caught fire without the owner understand the cause.

A Toyota 4Runner owner and his two daughters escaped a fire in their vehicle on Sunday in Toronto. He was able to park in front of the dealer who, ironically, had sold him the car.

We had gone out to buy some Halloween stuff, but it's literally a hell, says Mark Boguski still in shock as he stares at the smoking carcass of his vehicle.

This is his fourth Toyota 4Runner and this one had only 40,000 miles on it. counter.

I started the car, drove a quarter of a mile, my girls started telling me there was smoke. I parked on the side of the road, he says.

After having tried, without success, to put water on his vehicle, he had no choice but to watch helplessly at the sad spectacle.

There is nothing left to save from the 4Runner that suffered the flames.

Ironically, we stopped at the dealership and the fire swept everything away in seconds, explains the driver, as the charred wreckage lies in this parking lot on St. -Clair Ouest.

A few more seconds, and we would have been burned. My daughters were really scared, concludes Mark Boguski.

Radio-Canada was unable to reach the dealer.

With information from Yanick Lepage

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