An unannounced visit by uniformed services can cost a lot. Firefighters call for caution. What is it about

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Another scam method revealed in Silesia.

An unannounced visit by uniformed services can cost a lot. Firefighters call for caution. What's the matter

The media has been informed about a wave of unannounced inspection visits by the fire brigade in Upper Silesia. It's about people who, dressed in firemen's uniforms, go from door to door and inform about the ongoing fire inspection. They're pushing you to let them in.

They knock on doors dressed in firemen's uniforms and demand to be let in

The fire brigade from Tarnowskie Góry urgently warns against a group of scammers dressed as firemen. They use another method of robbing their victims, which has been called the “firefighter” method. Thieves must be fully aware of how a uniform or uniform affects society. As a rule, the person wearing it should be respected and the instructions should be followed immediately.

Unfortunately, the media say that the Tarnowskie Góry fire brigade was forced to issue a statement warning against letting firefighters in to an apartment or house, without informing the residents in advance about fire inspections planned in their area. As it turns out, unexpected visits of this type are not handled by the fire department.

We urge you to be vigilant and careful in such situations. In case of serious doubts about the visit of firefighters, please contact the local District Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Tarnowskie Góry or notify the police – firefighters warn.

The case came to light when a group of scammers in firefighter uniforms attempted to convince the elderly woman to let them into the apartment to inspect and install a smoke detector. The residents were not informed by any official letter about the planning of such an action, which raises concerns and doubts.

The fire brigade in Tarnowskie Góry appeals for caution, confirming the case of an attempt by fraudsters to break into the apartment of a would-be victim.

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