An unexpected discovery. Humans settled North America 17,000 years earlier than thought


    An unexpected discovery. Humans settled North America 17,000 years earlier than thought

    The bones of a female mammoth and her baby helped scientists figure out that humans had killed them for another 37,000 years back.

    It is now believed that the first people came from Asia to North America no earlier than 20 thousand years ago. But American scientists have found hundreds of bone fragments of an adult female mammoth and her cub in the state of New Mexico with traces of blows and cuts. Scientists believe that this place was used by people for butchering carcasses 17,000 years earlier, according to the Daily Mail.

    Scientists from the University of Texas found a pile of bones that mainly belonged to an adult mammoth, and only a small part of the bone fragments belonged to a baby mammoth.

    Unexpected discovery. Humans settled North America 17,000 years earlier than thought

    The study showed that the age of the remains of these mammoths is between 36,250 and 38,900 years old. Traces of cuts and blows are visible on the bones, and scientists believe that the carcasses of the killed animals were killed and butchered by ancient people who already lived in North America at that time. This means that the first human settlers arrived on the continent 17,000 years earlier than previously thought. According to Timothy Rowe of the University of Texas, it is still not known exactly how the first people arrived from Asia to North America: by boat or overland.

    An unexpected discovery. Humans have settled North America 17,000 years earlier than thought

    “Until now, the oldest known evidence of the presence of ancient people in America was considered to be 20,000 years old. But our data show that people lived here 17,000 years earlier. These mammoth bones, which were killed and butchered by people, are the first earliest evidence of this “, says Rowe.

    Scientists have discovered many crushed bones of two mammoths at the site of the ancient people. These were the remains of the skull of an adult mammoth, tusks, jaws, teeth, limb bones and much more. Scholars believe that the earliest settlers in North America also made tools out of mammoth bones to further butcher carcasses.

    An unexpected discovery. People settled North America 17,000 years earlier than it was believed

    At the site of the discovery of a pile of bones, the researchers also found a place where people burned the fat of ancient animals on fire. The analysis showed that people in this place butchered not only mammoths, but also other animals, as well as fish, which they ate. The new discovery adds to a growing body of evidence that the first humans arrived in North America thousands of years earlier than is commonly believed, scientists say.

    As Focus wrote, archaeologists have found that the first hand axes in Britain were not made by Homo Sapiens. These ancient instruments are about 600 thousand years old.


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