An unusual and disturbing phishing attempt

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An attempted hameccedilonnage unusual and disturbing

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center warns the public against a new scheme.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center is warning about a new round of unusual phishing messages. People have received text messages containing their personal information, including their social insurance number.

Yvon Bellemare is one of the people who received this type of message offering him a anti-inflation return from the Canada Revenue Agency by clicking on a link. It was marked Canada and all that with my full personal information. His full name, date of birth, social insurance number were on the message.

He wonders if the fraudsters obtained this information thanks to the data leak at Desjardins. He is one of the 9 million 700 thousand customers to have been affected in 2019. This is also the case for others who received the same message in Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center has noted dozens of reports since Thursday morning.

Jeff Horncastle, customer outreach and communications officer with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, believes that attempted fraud can come from several sources. It could be from a data leak, it could be from another phishing message where the victims gave their personal information, so there are several possibilities.< /p>

For its part, Desjardins believes that it is difficult to make a connection with the 2019 leak.

As soon as ;a wave of phishing is reported, security teams spring into action to protect customer assets. Yvon Bellemare immediately contacted his bank. According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, this is the right thing to do, and also recommends alerting Revenue Canada, Revenu Québec and the credit bureaus.

The Center advises people never to click on links or even attachments. It is a reminder that no government organization or law enforcement organization will offer to send you funds either by email or text message.

With the information by Raphaëlle Drouin

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