An unusual phenomenon appeared in the sky. People who saw them grabbed their phones right away

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The fireball on the recordings is very impressive.

 An unusual phenomenon appeared in the sky. People who saw them immediately grabbed their phones

As reported by the portal” Wirtualna Polska “, inhabitants of Scotland, Northern England and Ireland at night from Wednesday to Thursday, they had the opportunity to see an unusual phenomenon in the sky. A fireball lit the darkness of the night. People who saw her immediately grabbed their phones. What were we dealing with?

A fireball in the sky

Nearly 800 reports were received by the British Meteorological Network. Recordings of this unusual phenomenon appeared on social media. Inhabitants of Scotland, Northern England and Ireland saw a ball of fire sliding across the sky. It cannot be denied that the photos will be an electrifying impression.

Many people have wondered what exactly we were dealing with. Most likely it was a burning piece of “space debris”. It can be either a meteor or part of a man-made satellite placed in orbit around the Earth. Although experts have no doubt that we were dealing with space debris.

According to the potential trajectory the researchers calculated, it appears that burning space debris most likely fell into to the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere south of the Hebrides.

“Normally, if you see a meteor or a shooting star, they are just tiny streaks of light, they last for a fraction of a second. she traveled from south to west. It took 10 seconds to get there. Amazing view “- this is how the phenomenon was reported by astronomer Steve Owens in an interview with BBC Radio.

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Estimates indicate that approximately 400 cosmic debris falls to Earth each year, which means re do not pose a special threat to humans.

You were also impressed by the burning ball recordings?

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