Ana Richiez Herrera, the girl phenomenon of softball

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  • Ana Richiez Herrera, the softball phenomenon girl

    Ana Richiez Herrera with José Pérez, the popular "Negro Lindo," during her short three-day visit to the country last week.

In the next few days, In the coming months, almost certainly for the Central American and Caribbean Games in El Salvador, the Dominican softball team will join the Dominican Republic. a player who dazzles with her talent and also with a physique that causes sighs.   

This is Ana Richiez Herrera, a Dominican born in Miami, who is working on the job. Called to be the main pitcher and  to occupy the third, fourth or fifth bat in the lineup.   

Keeping the due distances, the country will have A sort of Shohei Ohtani, the Japanese phenom of the Anaheim Angels, except that Ana is also an excellent defensive starter who can also play in any of the three outfield .  

“My parents and my grandfather influenced me to play for the Dominican Republic,” the versatile 18-year-old jock, standing 5'9″ tall with an angelic face to match her stunning body.   

 “Just being able to play and represent this beautiful country is an honour,” Ana, who was visiting the country last weekend and in a short pitching exhibition that she did in the softball stadium number two of the Olympic Center frowned He frowned and confirmed. what the coaching staff and team management already knew.  

“She is a young woman we have been monitoring since she was 14 years old,” The manager of the national team, Fabio de León, about Ana, who has already been signed by the University of Alabama. 

“We haven't had the opportunity to have her on the team yet. We hope she is happy. “He was with the team at the El Salvador Games,” said the official. De León in reference to the regional event that will take place. place in that nation between the months of June and July of this year. 

He stressed The 64 miles she reaches from the mound is about four or five miles higher than the average recorded by pitchers at the Central American level. 

The identification that this exceptional athlete has with the country is not a thing of now and is expressed from the early hours of the day when before leaving for Doral Academy Charter High School, where she is in her last year of high school, she eats breakfast like a true Dominican.  

“Mangú, with salami and fried cheese is one of my favorite breakfasts. I eat everything” the youngest of the three children procreated by Víctor Richiez and Clary Herrera de Richiez. 

The statuesque softball player awaits impatiently for the opportunity to sweat the white, red and blue uniform of the Dominican team, in which she only knows the pitcher Melody Vizcaíno, who like her is part of the Federation's academy. Dominican Softball in Florida, coordinated by Devin Pascual, where more than 50 percent of the Creoles abroad have come from.   

 In her niñez, Ana played the game. volleyball and tennis before being eclipsed by softball, a sport that he saw up close when his grandfather  Jorge Herrera Pérez, an old player in the Liga Añeja of the Central Bank and founder of the Interbank League, gave them practice. practices to Víctor and Jorge,  her two brothers.    

“Grandpa and why was he? you don't ´picha´ to me. Since she was a child, she liked softball & rdquo ;, Herrera Pérez recounts that Ana, who has stood out more than her relatives who still play at the collegiate level, demanded of her.    

“My grandfather inspires me a lot every time I see him playing,”   Ana about her grandfather Jorge hers, who is still active in the so-called “Friendship Sport”.

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