Analysis | A Crazy American Week in Three Acts

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Analysis | A crazy week America in three acts

A dinner to which notorious anti-Semites are invited, a disclosure on Hunter Biden who was to be spectacular on Twitter and an ex-president who asks for suspending the Constitution and being reinstated in power: a big week that speaks volumes about the state of American politics.

The American Constitution found itself in the headlines after a week full of twists and turns that involved Kanye West, Elon Musk and Donald Trump.

This crazy week started with this famous dinner at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida haunt of Donald Trump. The 45th President of the United States received rapper Kanye West, who now calls himself Ye and has presidential ambitions for 2024.

He was accompanied by Nick Fuentes, a white supremacist who questions the existence of the Holocaust and broadcasts his anti-Semitic comments in his podcasts. This man has often been spotted alongside Republican politicians such as controversial Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Mr Trump, who asked to be taken at his word, said the meal was quick and uneventful and that he got on very well with Kanye West, adding that he made no anti-Semitic remarks . Still according to the ex-president, the rapper showed up with three of his friends, of whom [I] knew nothing. I did not know Nick Fuentes, he said on his social network Truth Social.

Among the Democrats, there is an outcry to denounce the behavior of Donald Trump. Among the Republicans, many have called Kanye West and Nick Fuentes infrequent people with nauseating remarks. Some of them even dared to criticize their former chef for having had supper at the same table as them.

Kanye West has had his Twitter account blocked again because of his anti-Semitic comments and messages.

Kanye West, who seems to have plunged into a dark anti-Semitic spiral, had regained the right to tweet after losing it a few weeks ago. Elon Musk, almighty leader of the blue bird social network, who wants to clean it up financially and restore, he claims, freedom of expression to all those who have been kicked out of this same network, has finally changed his mind by again taking away this “right” to freedom of expression.

On his Infowars show last week, Alex Jones then gave the spittoon to the rapper, who mulled over the Holocaust and glorified Hitler. This interview granted by Ye, completely freewheeling, to one of the tenors of the conspiracy time and time again condemned for his remarks on the Sandy Hook massacre obviously consecrated his status as a plague victim. Even Alex Jones, who rarely does lace, seemed uncomfortable with this spectacle.

If you don't follow the luminaries of the American right who are doing everything to bring down the Democratic president, you may have heard very little about the case of Hunter Biden, the current president's son. He is a cumbersome son, a real black sheep of the family, known not only for his past addictions to hard drugs and alcohol, but also for his nebulous financial and business affairs.


His case returned to the stage of Elon Musk's network, which promised that it would make the (Democratic) political world tremble. In the name of freedom of expression, the Canadian-American-South African billionaire said he made a point of showing the collusion that existed between the network (before he acquired it for 44 billion US dollars) and Joe Biden because of his son, Hunter.

The repairman Hunter Biden reportedly took his laptop to for repair shared the contents of the computer's hard drive with people close to Donald Trump.

The source of this mess: a Hunter Biden laptop given to a repairman. Said computer having never been recovered by the son of the president, the repairer would have inspected the contents of the device and would have discovered in it tax declarations, emails concerning business in Ukraine and China as well as amateur pornographic content involving Hunter. and videos in which he uses drugs.

Thus, three weeks before the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post, which had allegedly obtained a copy of the contents of the hard drive, had published an article that featured emails extracted from the laptop that the newspaper said demonstrated an alleged corruption case involving Joe Biden. Incumbent President Donald Trump had tried to spin the story into an October surprise to hurt his Democratic opponent's campaign, claiming (falsely) that Joe Biden had acted corruptly regarding the election. #x27;Ukraine during his tenure.

Since 2020, the famous mainstream mediatook this information with a grain of salt, as the traceability of the computer and its contents is difficult to establish 100%, and many are the nebulous aspects of the sources at the origin of this affair.

The case will be at the center of investigations launched soon by Republicans in the House of Representatives. We will then perhaps learn a little more about its ins and outs and we will know if there is really cause for prosecution by the Department of Justice in the event of embezzlement in the Biden clan.

Which brings us back to last week. Elon Musk, whose political leanings are no longer to be demonstrated in view of the thousands of accounts of banned representatives of the far right that he himself has reinstated on his network, published a long series of tweets from Matt Taibbi, an author and journalist who pored over internal Twitter memos and agreed to do so under certain conditions. Moreover, there was no transparency as to the content of these internal messages.

Elon Musk has restored access to their Twitter accounts to tens of thousands of members who had been banned before his arrival at the company management.

According to him, Twitter has taken steps to remove the New York Post articleremoving links and displaying warnings that it could be dangerous. For the uninitiated, this is a tool used by social media companies in general, which handle content moderation. By Matt Taibbi's own admission, there is no evidence in these disclosures that government officials were involved in the laptop affair.

The other Hunter Biden revelation in these Twitter Files is that someone from Joe Biden's 2020 campaign spotted nude photos of Hunter Biden and asked Twitter to remove them. And Twitter did.

When Matt Taibbi posted this evidence, Elon Musk rhetorically asked: If this isn't a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution, what is it?

First of all, posting photos of someone else's genitals without permission is definitely against Twitter policies, hence the takedown request.

Hunter Biden, the son of the Democratic president, has become the target of the American right and conspiracy circles in an attempt to incriminate the Biden family.< /p>

Second, action by Twitter – and on its own initiative – to suppress free speech is not a violation of the First Amendment. On the other hand, acting under government orders to suppress free speech without judicial review may be one.

In 2020, Joe Biden and his campaign officials did not hold government positions; therefore there is no possible violation of the First Amendment. In 2020, the administration in place was indeed that of… Donald Trump who, moreover, also asked Twitter to remove certain content.

In short, those who seek discovering evidence of a political conspiracy will find that even this information, selectively disseminated by people trying to paint it all as a big scandal, has not demonstrated that there was one.< /p>

Which brings us to the third act of this drama. Furious to see that this new cobblestone in the media pool did not turn into a political tsunami, Donald Trump then split on his social network with a tirade that startled many people.

“So with the exposure of massive, large-scale fraud and deception, working closely with big tech companies, the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Party, do you void the results of the presidential election of 2020 and do you pick the rightful winner or call a new election? Fraud of this kind and magnitude allows for the repeal of all rules, regulations and articles, including those of the Constitution.

— Donald Trump, on Truth Social

The sacrosanct Constitution, which the Republicans say they cherish, purely and simply suspended so that Donald Trump becomes president again immediately, as if nothing had happened! Imagine if another ex-president still alive (there are four of them) had written and made public such a proposal! According to the facts and the results of numerous appeals by Republicans before the courts, there is, it must be remembered, no proof of this alleged massive fraud.

Donald Trump is calling for the repeal of sections of the sacrosanct US Constitution to allow him to return to power.

Trump's remarks drew unanimous denunciation from Democrats but timid criticism from Republicans. Do the latter want to spare the ex-president, are they still afraid of him or do they prefer that he continues to sink to the point where he would become less and less relevant, therefore easier to oust at the time? timely, by 2024?

Since that whirlwind last week, Donald Trump may not be the only one to see his relevance steadily drop. Kanye West and Elon Musk could follow him on this descent. A hell of a week in three acts, the epilogue of which is still unknown.

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