Analysis | John Fetterman vs. Dr. Oz, a tight senatorial race in Pennsylvania | Midterm elections in the United States

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Analysis | John Fetterman vs. Dr. Oz, a tight senatorial race in Pennsylvania | ÉUS midterm elections

The election in this state could determine whether Democrats continue to control the Senate.

In Pennsylvania, the race in which John Fetterman (left) and Mehmet Oz (right) face off could determine whether the Democrats will continue to control the Senate.

< p class="e-p">The hour of truth may come during the televised debate on Tuesday evening. All eyes will be on the Democratic candidate, John Fetterman, who will have to convince the undecided that he is fit to be a senator despite his recent stroke.

It was while on his way to a campaign activity that John Fetterman suffered a stroke in mid-May. He claims he owes his life to his wife Giselle and the entire medical team at Penn Medicine, the healthcare system in Pennsylvania.

I'm going to talk to you about a sensitive issue: my stroke, he told supporters gathered in the crowded gymnasium of a school in Wilmingford, a suburb of Philadelphia. He said he has hearing damage and sometimes forgets words or mixes them up.

How many of you have had problems health? the candidate asked the crowd. I hope for you that there wasn't a doctor in your life who was laughing at you or telling you that you couldn't work and you weren't fit. What kind of doctor rejoices when a person is sick? he launched.

“The difference between Dr Oz and me?” In January, I will be cured, and he will always be an impostor.

—John Fetterman, Democratic candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania

John Fetterman has been the target of advertising campaigns by the team of his Republican opponent Mehmet Oz, who have not failed to highlight his stroke and question his ability to represent citizens of Pennsylvania in the Senate.

Democratic candidate John Fetterman's walkabout in Wilmingford, Pennsylvania

From the height of his two meters, Fetterman stands out next to Democratic Senator Chris Coon, who has just introduced him to the crowd. AC/DC's song Back in Black ignites the room. After talking about his health, John Fetterman outlines his priorities: raising the minimum wage, decriminalizing marijuana, protecting abortion rights and fighting crime.

On his right arm, he has tattooed the dates of the murders that took place in Braddock, the city of which he was mayor from 2006 to 2019. He prides himself on his success by saying that for five and a half years he did not x27;there were no murders in Braddock.

The Democrat is still Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. He refused to live in the official residence and opened the mansion's swimming pool to the public.

A cardiac surgeon by profession, Mehmet Oz is a well-known personality. known to Americans through her daily television show, The Dr Oz Show. Born in Cleveland, Ohio to Turkish parents, Oz entered politics for the first time. 62-year-old Dr. Oz hopes to retain the Republican seat vacated by Senator Pat Toomey.

After a successful television career, Mehmet Oz is seeking election as the Republican candidate for the Senate.

The aspiring politician's popularity has surged since receiving support from Donald Trump and the MAGA movement. His priorities: fighting inflation – on TikTok, we see him rebelling against the price of vegetables and gasoline –, crime and the migration crisis. He is against abortion, except in cases of rape and incest.

“Are you satisfied with the direction of the country? This is the question to ask your friends and colleagues. If they say yes, take back their car key.

— Mehmet Oz, Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania

Both candidates covet the vote of voters in suburban Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, where the majority of voters are located independents, those who are not affiliated with any party. In the last election, Joe Biden won that state by less than 1.2% of the vote. In 2016, Donald Trump won the race by less than 1% of the vote against Hillary Clinton. Pennsylvania is one of these pivotal states.

The latest poll indicates a slight lead for John Fetterman in the Senate race. The televised debate on Tuesday evening is likely to be decisive on the choice of voters.

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