Analysis | When the Republicans welcome a mythomaniac

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Analysis | When the republicans ;publicans welcome a mythomaniac

If nothing changes, George Santos will be sworn in as representative in Congress on January 3.

Imagine the good trick that the Republicans had pulled off in an attempt to steal the seat of representative of the third district of New York in Congress from the Democrats. They had found the perfect candidate: George Santos.

An accomplished businessman of Jewish origins, with many diplomas, who worked for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup and who even founded a charity for abandoned animals.

Against all odds, George Santos defeated the Democratic candidate on November 8 in the midterm elections. The man has since defined himself as the complete embodiment of the American dream.

Only problem, he lied all along about his background. Let's settle the case of the organization helping small animals right away. There's no trace of Friends of Pets United, his pet and kitty rescue group.

Then he never worked for Citigroup or Goldman Sachs. He was not a graduate of Baruch College or, apparently, any other college.

His company, the Devolder organization, appears to be fraudulent. Founded in 2021, Devolder reportedly made between $3.5 million and $11.5 million through real estate transactions and consulting contracts. It was dissolved in 2022 after failing to complete an annual financial report.

Incidentally, no one knows where and how George Santos got the money that allowed him to run and win a US congressional election in such an important New York district.

And on top of that, investigative reporters for the New York Times found no evidence to support the The story that her grandparents were Ukrainian Jews who fled Jewish persecution during World War II twice.

George Santos attended a meeting of the Jewish Republican Coalition in Las Vegas last November.

Yet Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in the House of Representatives, even bragged about Santos' victory, saying: We have the largest Republican Jewish caucus in over 24 years. Not bad, huh?

Except that the Republican Jewish Coalition has since denounced Santos for misrepresenting his legacy and banned him from future events.

Faced with all these lies uttered, the chosen one, who looks more and more like a mythomaniac, had the idea of ​​touring the media to try to calm the game and especially to defend themselves. First in the New York Post where he admits this: My sin here is that I embellished my resume. I'm sorry.

On his Jewish heritage, he replied that he said he considered himself not jewish, but jew- ish in reference to his more Catholic than Jewish religious upbringing.

The dubious pun is obviously rendered useless as soon as you do a little research to find video clips where he brags about his jewish heritage.

Unconvincing and refusing to speak lies, he then appeared on controversial host Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News, which generally gives full latitude to its Republican guests to broadcast whatever they want.

Host Tulsi Gabbard cut to the chase in her Fox News interview with George Santos.

Except that that evening, Carlson was replaced by Tulsi Gabbard, a former elected Democrat from Hawaii who has already run for the presidential nomination among the blues, but who has since turned seriously Republican and retrained as a TV host.

The interview was a surprising full-throttle from George Santos.

“You are telling blatant lies, they are not embellishments. I think you don't really seem to take this seriously. You apologized, you said you made mistakes, but you outright lied.

—Fox News' Tulsi Gabbard to George Santos

Visibly surprised by such a salvo, Santos replied: I agree with what you're saying. We can discuss my resume and how I've worked with companies.

Is this debatable or is it simply false, adds Gabbard? No, no, that's not wrong at all, Santos replied. It's debatable.

The final blow then comes from the Fox News host: It's hard to imagine how your voters might trust your explanations, when you're not even quite willing to admit the depth of your deception.

But what about the Republican Party itself facing its colt? How could he sneak in without any background checks to get the Republican nomination?

So far, only party leaders in Long Island, but also new Rep. Nick LaLota and Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, have called the committee to #x27;ethics of the House to investigate Santos.

George Santos seems to have fabricated his background of study and work.

Anne Donnelly, the Republican prosecutor of the same county, has just opened an investigation into George Santos.

The many fabrications and inconsistencies associated with congressman-elect Santos are nothing short of astounding. Residents of Nassau County and other parts of the Third District must have an honest and accountable representative in Congress. No one is above the law and if a crime has been committed in this county, we will prosecute it.

For the rest, within the party, we hear the soft and timid sound of crickets.

On January 3, Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives and George Santos will be sworn in as Representative, if the trend continues. At this time, there is no guarantee that Kevin McCarthy will be elected Speaker of the House, as there is dissent within the party.

The fact remains that the Republicans need all their elected officials to steer their boat against the Democrats. With their narrow majority (222 seats, 4 more than the minimum majority), they cannot afford to let anyone down.

Kevin McCarthy is trying to keep his troops together for the return to parliament on January 3 and he can't afford to alienate votes within of his party if he wants to be elected Speaker of the House.

The party, which is often defined as that of law and order, therefore has a variable geometry integrity. The group of Republicans led by Jim Jordan in charge of legal cases in the House prefers to shoot at all costs against the White House. He will therefore put all his efforts into the investigations around the Biden family, with Hunter, the son, in his sights.

Gossip will say that after the Herschel Walker episode , the Republican candidate who lost the post of senator from Georgia, no one will be surprised by the behavior of this party.

Walker, a former star footballer, who had also prided himself on having done certain jobs and having managed certain businesses, was quickly unmasked. Her dubious abortion stories didn't help matters. Voters thus trusted his Democratic opponent more.

The only difference is that all of Walker's skeletons came out during both campaigns for senator, while in Santos' case, all of his lies came to the surface after his election.

Bad dilemma for the party: punish him or turn a deaf ear? Let’s focus on the second option for now. Because condemning Santos would only amplify his lies and continue to inject oxygen into a story that Republicans prefer to nip in the bud.

It's not surprising then that the great Republican tenors haven't really said a word about the Santos file. It must be said that most of them also never said much about a leader who uttered more than 30,000 lies and falsehoods during his 4 years in power and who galvanized his loyalist troops in the hope to overturn the results of the 2020 election, under the guise of the stolen election.

But that's another story…

A Republican elected official under investigation after “amazing inventions” on his CV

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