Anatoly Bely gave an interview and spoke about emigration: “The country is not the government, it's the people. And the people are wonderful”


    Anatoly Bely gave an interview and spoke about emigration: "The country — is not the power, it is the people. And the people are wonderful"

    Anatoly Bely

    Actor Anatoly Bely, who previously retired from the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov and left the country, gave an interview to Novaya Gazeta. Europe. In an interview, he told why he left Russia and how he lives in exile.

    I left the total lack of freedom in Russia. That is, there are not even halftones here, there is simply no freedom. I left this fear, in which my parents lived all my life and which I saw in my childhood. This is such a sticky Soviet fear in which people are already living again. The nuts are being tightened more and more and more and more unfairly. Society is rapidly approaching total dictatorship. This is where I left. To live the rest of the life measured out to me the way I want.

    Now Anatoly Bely is in Israel.

    I don't know what will happen here, in Israel, where I arrived, or in some other country where I may be. Don't know. But here, at least, I will not be afraid for my life, for my freedom. I will not be afraid that they will begin to dictate to me what to do and what not to do. I will live where, at least, I can speak calmly.

    He admitted that leaving the theater was very painful for him. For me, this is a huge loss and a huge pain. But I can't live like this.

    Anatoly Bely spoke about farewell to the artistic director of the theater Konstantin Khabensky.

    I told him that I could no longer live here and still exist, I would leave. He was sympathetic. And in the end, just before the finale, at my last performance — “Running”, he came to my dressing room and said: “Tol, know that the doors of this theater are always open for you, if something changes, this theater will always accept you.” For me it is, of course, very important.

    The actor admitted that he had no fear of emigration.

    I run from this fear. I'm leaving him. Here, in Israel, with all the vagueness and illusory nature of the future, it is not scary. By the time I left, my disappointment with what I had been doing all these years had reached such an extent that I was ready to do anything in Israel. Anything. I'm not into acting.

    Today I already have three theatrical offers in Israel. I listen to myself and try to understand what I want to do next.

    At the end of the interview, Bely spoke about his attitude towards Russia:

    I love people. What is a country? These are people. We have had such a change. Country — not power, these are people, these are cities where people live, this is nature. And the people are wonderful. And in no case will I turn into a dog that ran around the corner and barks. I won't repeat those awful words — “Rashka” and others. I am very careful not to start saying that some people are better, others are worse, higher, lower.

    After the start of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine, Anatoly Bely has repeatedly spoken out on social networks against the actions of the Russian authorities. Many of the public and cultural figures who opposed the special operation decided to leave Russia.


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