Ancelotti's 'cubs' devour the 'lions' and chase Barça

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Ancelotti's 'cubs' devour the 'lions' and chase Barça

Real Madrid approved the the generational revalidation in an outstanding field, San Mamés, in which Ancelotti took the lead. coaching decisions and the youngsters took a step forward. Camavinga came out of Bilbao very strengthened, who punched the table and showed that he was capable of doing it. That he can hold the team from the pivot position, Ceballos and Asensio. Ancelotti gave up. finally before the push of their youngsters and the bullfighters of Madrid took the alternative in San Mamés with picadores.

included Carletto created a midfield with Valverde, Camavinga and Ceballos, as well as escorting Benzema and Vinicius with Asensio. The youngsters that Real Madrid demanded so much due to the physical decline of the Modric, Rodrygo and Kroos. A personality test against the impetus of the 'lions' that Carletto's 'cubs' handled with determination from the beginning.

Benzema's heterodox shot

It dawned on me. the battle with the leading role of the Williams, who lit the stands. But it was Benzema, in an unorthodox shot sent from heaven and with his back to the door, who opened the door. marker. Camavinga shone as a pivot in the midst of the warrior ardor of the game and Ceballos flirted with the ball in each attack. The whites added, to the innate talent, hunger and legs. 

Athletic was incapable of deciphering the white dynamism, which surpassed the red and white pressure before it was activated. With no news from Rüdiger and Mendy at the start, the problems were reduced. The match, like the vast majority of those played at La Catedral, was a monument to soccer with the two teams marching in front for each ball. A match more typical of the Premier, where Athletic could play calmly. like this it was arrived at rest, with some ‘lions’ willful and some puppies, Ancelotti's, notable.

Without Basque efficiency

The second one tore off. with more suspense than rhythm. Madrid had an income to defend, to which was added the need for an indomitable Athletic that was going for the tie. There were no clear chances, but the two teams quickly reached the balcony of the opponent's area. As the minutes went by, the figure of Nacho, the best defensive specialist in this Madrid for years, was growing. He has a trade, positioning, intuition, timing… Ancelotti has been unfair to him, who could start in defense as an alpha center back, with Militao at his side, or on either of the two wingers . 

After an hour passed, the game was placid for the whites because Athletic confirmed its effervescence and Valverde did not finish resorting to a bench where illustrious people such as Muniain, Ander Herrera or Raúl García were waiting. Asensio had the finishing touch in the first appearance in the whites' area in the second half, but he fell for it. on the right. In the midst of the din, Vinicius kept pestering him with his gestures and complaints, which led to his protests. He asked the referee to warn Ancelotti that if the Brazilian continued to protest he would take action. 

The vigor of Bilbao turned The final stretch of the match was played in a siege of the Courtois area, which saw a goal disallowed by Williams due to a previous offside by a teammate. Carletto tossed. gallons with Modric and Kroos to direct traffic when Madrid had the worst. Ancelotti also removed Vinicius, with whom he has a job beyond the past. football, because the Brazilian looks more and more like Neymar, in the bad. The party closed it down. a counter by Rodrygo, who put it behind, where Kroos appeared on the spot. to nail a right hand. The ‘puppies’ de Ancelotti emerged victorious from the duel against the ‘lions’.

The Athletic sheet – Madrid (0-2)

ATHLETIC: Unai Simon; De Marcos (Lecue 74’), Paredes, Vivian, Yuri; Zárraga (Ander Herrera 63’), Vesga (Raúl García 85’); Nico Williams, Sancet (Muniain 63’), Berenguer (Guruceta 63’); Iñaki Williams. 

REAL MADRID: Courtois; Nacho, Militao, Rüdiger, Mendy; Camavinga, Ceballos (Kroos 84’), Valverde; Asensio (Modric 72’), Benzema and Vinicius (Rodrygo 81’).

GOALS: 0-1, Benzema (23’); 0-2, Kroos (90')

REFEREE: Sánchez Martínez, from the Murcian school. He admonished Yuri, Vivian and Ander Herrera, for Athletic, and Camavinga and Vinicius, for Real Madrid

STADIUM: San Mamés. Touching the full house with 49,316 spectators. Jon Rahm, Athletic ambassador, sent the a message to his people before the game.