Ancient Roman cargo discovered in Italy at 2,000-year-old shipwreck (video)


    Ancient Roman cargo discovered in Italy at the site of a 2000-year-old shipwreck (video)

    According to archaeologists, the ship's cargo was used to repair some coastal villas. Taranto was dotted with them, as well as farms with luxurious mansions.

    During his recent research in Italy, Fabio Matacchiera, a diver and environmental activist, made an incredible discovery. He discovered the wreck of a Roman ship that sank about 2,000 years ago, revealing the ship's cargo, writes TYP World.

    Matacchiera found several hundred tiles and objects under the sand and among the rocks off the coast of Taranto, in the southern region of South Africa. eastern region of Italy – Puglia.

    The data collected by the diver were then analyzed by archaeologists, who confirmed that the ship was wrecked somewhere between the 1st and 4th centuries AD.

    By Archaeologists believe the ship's cargo was used to renovate some of the coastal villas, as Taranto's coast was dotted with rustic villas and farms with luxurious mansions by the sea. Coastal villas were typically owned by the wealthy or powerful and were equipped with mosaic-decorated reception rooms, porticos, what was then “spas”, servants' quarters and water cisterns.

    During his dive, Matacchiera also discovered iron anchor with a fracture in the spindle. This suggests that before sinking, the ship was badly damaged, probably due to a strong wave that pushed it to the shore.

    But in England, the oldest sunken ship in the world was discovered. A cooking cauldron and two Purbeck marble tombstones were found in the ship's hull.


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