André Boisclair obtains a parole

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André Boisclair gets a parole conditional ration

André Boisclair was refused a first parole last November. He is seen here during an appearance at the Montreal courthouse in June 2022.

Former Parti Québécois (PQ) leader André Boisclair, sentenced to two years less one day in prison for sexual assault, gets parole.

The decision was made Monday by the parole board. André Boisclair had been refused a first request on November 14, due to the seriousness of the assaults for which he had been convicted.

In the text of the decision, made public on Wednesday, the Commission affirms that it retains, as in the refusal decision of November 14, the objective seriousness of the offenses which led to this prison sentence, recalling that two victims suffered significant and lasting consequences of Mr. Boisclair's actions.

The Commission indicates, however, that Mr. Boisclair's thinking has evolved since this decision after four additional months of detention. The Commission notes changes in your situation which cause its risk assessment to change and which allows the Commission to conclude that the risk could be managed safely in the community.

The text of the decision also mentions that the Commission has received several letters of support from family members and friends of Mr. Boisclair discussing changes since 2020.

The document finally underlines that, since the refusal to grant him parole in November, the attitude of Mr. Boisclair has improved, recalling that the offenses for which [he is] incarcerated occurred more than 8 years ago. , that they appear to be linked to a way of life that is no longer relevant today. The Commission thus considers that Mr. Boisclair's current degree of dangerousness is low.

“After hearing you and analyzing the; all the relevant information available to them, the Board will grant you parole.

— Excerpt from the decision of the Parole Board

The judicial and prison process seems to have had the expected impacts, mentions the text, affirming that Mr. Boisclair did a work of introspection on [his] acting out and [his] consumption. Your relations would have improved with your environment, you have demonstrated openness within the follow-up and are involved, a bond of trust having been established, adds the document.

Quoting the evaluating agent, the Commission also notes that the former leader of the PQ still has impulsive traits and that he is sometimes reactive in [his] words. The agent believes that some work remains to be done in this regard. […] He points out that you tend to be centered on yourself and that it can sometimes be difficult to communicate with you because of your modes of defense.

The evaluating agent thus submitted his favorable recommendations to the Commission for early release […] with sexological and psychiatric follow-ups.

“The Commission believes that release at this stage of your sentence, with follow-ups, conditions and supervision, remains, in the long term, an adequate measure to ensure the protection of the public, while promoting social reintegration. ”

— Excerpt from the decision of the Parole Board

Recall that Mr. Boisclair had admitted, in June 2022, to having sexually assaulted two men met online in his Montreal apartment in January 2014 and November 2015.

The former politician then pleaded guilty to sexual assault with the participation of another person in one case and pleaded guilty to sexual assault in the second.

Judge Pierre Labelle, of the Court of Quebec, had accepted the recommendation of the Crown and the defense to sentence André Boisclair to a sentence of two years less a day of imprisonment, being 18 months for the first offense and six months less a day for the second.

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