André Fortin has his eyes on rebuilding the Liberal Party

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André Fortin has his eyes riveted on the reconstruction of the Liberal Party

André Fortin, Liberal MP for Pontiac, at the National Assembly, in Quebec (Archives)

The only elected Liberal outside the greater Montreal area, André Fortin, has his eyes firmly on the reconstruction of the Liberal Party, decimated in the last provincial elections. The MP for Pontiac said in an interview with Matins d'ici on Friday that he intended to meet activists and draw inspiration from their “bold ideas to propose them in a possible leadership race.

When I think of what many Quebecers think of the party right now, one wonders a bit what its raison d'être is, what are its fundamental bases, what are the big ideas, finally, said Mr. Fortin at the microphone by Louka Jacques.

For me, if we don't do this exercise, if we don't launch ideas outside the traditional framework of the Liberal Party, it there are a lot of people who are going to have a hard time recognizing themselves, understanding why they would support the Liberal Party.

André Fortin, Liberal MP for Pontiac, at the National Assembly, in Quebec City (Archives)

Even if he has not yet made a firm decision, André Fortin speaks without embarrassment of his interest in the leadership of the Liberal Party since the appointment, Thursday, of his colleague Marc Tanguay as interim leader.

There are still considerations to be had and family considerations, he concedes, but what I am telling you, what interests me much more than a temporary position, is the reflection that I have had over the last few days, that is to say to be able to meet the militants, to be able to suggest bold ideas and to rebuild this vision of what the Liberal Party is.

This reconstruction inevitably passes, according to him, through the regions.

“You have to take the time to talk to the regions first. »

— André Fortin, Liberal MP for Pontiac

We need to understand the demands of the different regions, which are not the same as those of Montreal, Quebec or other large Quebec cities. There is a way of living, thinking and evolving in the region, and there are needs that are enormously different, but for that, you have to understand them and hear them, he pleaded.


I am a regional deputy. I grew up and I live in the regions to try to understand well, to target well and, after that, to launch ideas that come not only from people from Montreal but also from people in the regions.

Liberal André Fortin was first elected to the National Assembly of Quebec in 2014.

André Fortin acknowledges that his party's defeat in the last election was painful and that the slope will be difficult to climb. However, he remains convinced that the party is capable of recovering.

Society has evolved, people's priorities have evolved. We are no longer talking about simple economic development but about the scarcity of labour. There are all kinds of issues that have changed over the past decade, he said.

[At the same time] the Liberal Party is a party that has been in power for a long time, that has a history. There are waves in politics, it's a bit normal, but you have to take advantage of the lows to successfully reinvent yourself, to evolve, and that's what the Liberal Party has always managed to do over the years. . That's why it's lasted for the past 150 years.

With information from Louka Jacques

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