Andrei Kurkov: “France and Germany are too weak with Putin”

The Russian-Ukrainian writer, author of the best-selling “The Penguin” (1996), is publishing a new book set in the conflict between kyiv and Moscow.

Andreï Kourkov : “France and Germany are too weak with Putin”

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Like all the works of Andrei Kurkov, Les Abeilles grises (Liana Levi, 400 pages, 23 euros) is a funny book where the crazy characters make their way through the chaos of the former USSR. With one difference: the story of the Russian writer whose grandparents settled in Ukraine under Stalin (his grandfather is a hero of the Red Army) takes root in a hot topic: the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This one takes place in the “grey zone”, these Ukrainian lands occupied by Russia since 2014.

In a small abandoned village wedged between the Ukrainian army and the pro-Russian separatists, two left-behind account, Sergeyitch and Pashka, learn to live together so as not to sink. Until Sergeyitch, this beekeeper who believes in louse

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