Andriy Danylko explained why he always wears a cap


April 26, 2022, 14:34 | Culture

The artist also commented on the baldness rumors.

Andrii Danilko explained why he always wears a cap

The famous parodist commented on the rumors about his alleged baldness. Similar conversations began to appear among the artist's fans because of his constant accessory in recent years – caps, informs Ukr.Media.

The showman gained popularity thanks to the image of his outrageous character – Verka Serdyuchka. But at the same time, Andriy says that he has never had problems with hair loss. Hairdressers always praise his thick hair. The artist told about this in his recent interview.

"At one time, people constantly asked: "Why does he wear a hat all the time? He must be bald. And my hair grows so fast! I swear! A guy used to come to our house to cut my hair and say: “My God, you have such thick hair, people dream about it, and you always wear a hat,'' says the musician.

< p>Danylko admits that for him a cap and a black mask have become integral attributes of his everyday image since the beginning of the quarantine. He feels familiar and comfortable with them.

"For me, it is like a uniform. I have different clothes, but they are all the same color. Dark. The same with masks. I have bad eyesight. I'll drop it somewhere and then I can't find it. I'm so used to it… she doesn't bother me. Let it be like Charlie Chaplin's antennae. I can't let go of my beard – I'm playing a star,' comments Andrii Mykhailovych.


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