Andriy Danylko talked about his relationship with Verka Serdyuchka's “mother”.


July 16, 2022, 14:32 | Culture

The singer confessed his affair for the first time.

Andrij Danilko spoke about his relationship with Vyerka Serdjuchki's

Popular Ukrainian artist Andriy Danylko for years hid what was really happening between him and his stage mother, Inna Bilokon. Celebrities assured that there is nothing between them, but their fans do not believe it. Yes, there are many pictures on the network in which the couple kisses, hugs, and walks hand in hand around the city. It seems that this is what lovers look like?

However, the truth is that Inna Bilokon is a married woman. She lives in a happy marriage, she has two children. Together with her husband Oleg, she lives in Poltava, and has never given reasons to think that she has an affair with Danylko. However, it is not necessary to deny the possibility of mutual PR. And Andrii Danylko in one of the interviews inadvertently talked about the fact that he had a romantic relationship with a colleague. Of course, the artist immediately regretted what he said. However, he did not deny what was said, informs Ukr.Media.

It should be recalled that rumors about Danylko and Bilokon's romance appeared after a photo of them kissing on the lips while sitting on the curb near the hotel for the border At that time, the stars did not comment on this photo, but fans understood: celebrities have an affair.


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