Andriy Danylko told for the first time why he still does not have a wife and children


June 22, 2022, 12:30 | Culture

If it is given, it will be.

Andrii Danilko first told why he still has no wife and children

Ukrainian artist Andriy Danylko, who became popular thanks to the role of Verka Serdyuchka, decided to share revelations about his personal life. The singer still has no family: no wife, no children. Danylko spoke about this before a concert he gave for Ukrainians in the Kyiv metro. So, the singer admitted that family life “does not come to him”, informs Ukr.Media.

Danylko noted: he would like a family, but he cannot build one.

"Not because I don't want to, but because it doesn't work out. As if it was not given to me. If I was worried about this before, now I accept it. If it is given, it will be. My friend Kyrylo, who used to work at a studio, did not plan to have two children in the same year, it just happened that way, Andrii notes.

It seems that the performer believes in fate and believes that this is his fate. He also noted that many people dream of being famous to get autographs, but he never dreamed of it.

"I always wanted to stay behind the scenes", — added the artist.


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