Android 13 arrives in Windows 11: how does it work?

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Microsoft is launching a “preview test” of Android 13 in Windows 11.

Android 13 arrives in Windows 11: how does it work?

After Linux, heading to Android. Since 2016, Windows PCs can directly run native programs intended for various Linux distributions. A small revolution and a profound change in philosophy at Microsoft, which until then had never really been a great promoter of open software.

However, Satya Nadella, the boss who took over from Steve Ballmer at the head of Microsoft seems to have understood and integrated into the publisher's strategy the fact that offering more openness in Windows makes ;considerably more attractive ecosystem in the long term – which will help fight against the mechanical gradual erosion of Windows market share to the benefit of the competition.

The Android subsystem of Windows 11 is moving to Android 13

The Windows Subsystem for Linux, or WSL – which is on its second WSL2 release – is based on Hyper-V virtualization technology. It allows installing modified versions of many Linux distributions and running their programs without changing the graphical environment, or restarting the computer.

Better: thanks With Hyper-V technology the impact of this virtualization on system resources is minimized. WSL2 is very popular with the general public and especially developers. Suddenly, in October 2021, Microsoft launched much the same but for the Android operating system.

Until then the subsystem was only available in beta, and you have to install the Amazon Appstore to download and install a reduced selection of applications (compared to the Google Play Store) . In detail, this WSA works much like the first WSL. It's less about virtualization than compiling on the fly (via Intel Bridge).

The beta version of this subsystem was currently running on the basis of Android 12.1 code. But now with version 2211.40000.7.0, Android 13 arrives in the subsystem. Microsoft claims that performance is improved by 50%, mouse click support works better, as well as resizing applications, or general stability.

However, always go through the Amazon Appstore to install applications – no official Google Play Store port is on the horizon at this time. And alas it is still and always a closed beta (or should we say alpha?) This means that there are fairly strict conditions to participate in the program.

To benefit from it, you must reside in the United States – the condition for registering for the specific preview program. But if this is precisely your case, or that “you have your methods” to get rid of this geoblocking (need a free VPN?), then you have to register on this page, and follow the instructions.

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